W201 EVOLUTION 2 Full Body Kit








Mercedes-Benz W201 E190 EVOLUTION II Full Body Kit Reproduction

This is a high-quality reproduction bodykit for the W201 Evolution II, based on their OEM counterpart. Each of these parts has been carefully crafted to ensure seem-less fitment. The parts will be primed and ready for paint. 🎨

The following parts are included:

Front and rear bumper (2p)

Left and right side skirt (2p)

Jack point covers (4p)

Side panel for the left and right front door (2p)

Side panel for the left and right rear door (2p)

Left and right front fender with wheel arch trim and side panel molded in (2p)

Side panel for the left and right top part of the door (2p)

Wheel arch trim for the left and right quarter panel (2p)

Adjustable trunk spoiler (4p)

Rear window spoiler (1p)

Front splitter (metal) (3p)

The front fenders of this kit are molded with the wheel arch trim and side panel. They are a direct replacement for your current fenders. To install the rear wheel arches the original wheel arches in the rear quarter panel need to be cut to make room for the wider diameter of the Evolution II kit.

We randomly test fit kits we produce for quality control and to make sure the fitment is still spot-on. We do recommend that these kits are installed by professionals. As with any bodykit minor adjustments might be needed to achieve perfect panel gaps.

This kit has 26 parts, including the 2 front splitter struts, 4 jack point covers and the 3 parts to make the adjustable trunk spoiler functional.

Besides these Evolution II kits we offer the following kits:

W201 Evolution kit

W202 AMG DTM kit

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W126 6.0 AMG Widebody kit

On request we can finish the final layers on the inside, with carbon fiber.

At this time it will take around 1,5 months after ordering to get these kits delivered to your doorstep. Please contact us for exact details.

For more information or pictures, please don’t hesitate to send us a message and we would gladly help! πŸ“¨


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