The Authentic Haidavia Brand

This all started with Haidar Aviation; if the founder Sam was an aviation enthusiast, his sons, Wael and Adnan, are true petrol heads. In 2019, the boys and I, Jasper, founded a company and called it Haidavia Classics in memory of Sam. A classic car company, or as we like to describe it: “At Haidavia Classics, we have a passion for cars, and not just any cars but those insane German ones with a gold star on the grill, a television in the dash and a refrigerator in the arm rest.”

From the late 70’s to the early 90’s German car manufacturer Mercedes Benz produced some technologically superior cars including our personal favorite, the baby Benz.

Some people like Bodo Buschmann (Brabus) or Rolf and Andreas Hartge (Carlsson) didn’t think being superior was good enough. They and other mostly European tuning houses pushed the limits again and again with extreme body kit’s, better handling, bigger engines and more luxurious interiors. This is petrol fueled insanity at its best!

Our passion goes maybe a bit further than just loving these cars, we want to preserve them. Most of these cars were built in small numbers and are all unique in their own way based on the owners preferences. Custom parts where manufactured for certain cars or clients.

We try to preserve all of these wonderful parts and all of the information (brochures, pictures, etc) we can gather.

Our product range is expanding constantly. We are always searching for rare OEM or even NOS OEM stock from Mercedes Benz, the same goes for classic tuning parts made for Mercedes. From reputable tuning companies like AMG or Lorinser to smaller, less known but equally impressive companies like ABC Exclusive or Langenberg; to more popular companies who are known as excellent tuning houses for other brands like Oettinger. Although Oettinger is mostly known for their VW work they also had an extensive tuning program for Mercedes. For example, they did a 3.6L, 2.4L and a 2.6-16 version for the W201.

Go visit story time if you like to read more of these nerdy and fun facts. We’ll try to upload this petrol fueled history from our brains to your screen. If you have questions or are in need of a certain part, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

 - Jasper

Why Choose Us


Our parts are either OEM, original classic tuning parts or high end period correct reproductions. By restoring parts we try to save this excellent part of automotive history.

Domestic & International

We believe or rather assume we can get a package or car anywhere in the world. We’ll always try to keep these cost down. So don’t hesitate to contact us about shipping. We’ll find a way.

Best Price

Prices are based on finding and restoring parts. Classical tuning parts are becoming rare and it gets harder to find quality pieces. So keep in mind that certain parts are sold more expensive than the original catalogue price.