Super Rare Parts

We are big fans of the W201 but we carry parts for Mercedes models from the late 70’s to early 90’s like the W123, W124, W126, W116, W114, W115, R107, W140, etc

If you are looking for something older or newer or maybe something odd like something from a W108, a W202 or a Unimog we do have those parts as well but we are not actively advertising or searching for them.

If you are looking for that one special part you are probably in the right place. We have many rare OEM parts like 16V bodykits, French headlights, dogleg gearboxes, leather interiors, etc. Some parts are NOS although those parts become harder and harder to find. Maybe you are looking for something more special like a fully restored AMG gen 1 kit or a Atiwe steering wheel. We usually have it in stock. Not everything can be found. It’s highly unlikely we will find an original ABC Exclusive widebody kit out there in the wild. You never know but we don’t count on it. That’s why we are working hard on creating high end reproductions of certain parts. This is not always easy because we need to get our hands on the original part at least for a little bit to reproduce it.

If you have been searching for that one special part and you just can’t find it, contact us and we just might be able to help you out.

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Why Choose Us


Our parts are either OEM, original classic tuning parts or high end period correct reproductions. By restoring parts we try to save this excellent part of automotive history.

Domestic & International

We believe or rather assume we can get a package or car anywhere in the world. We’ll always try to keep these cost down. So don’t hesitate to contact us about shipping. We’ll find a way.

Best Price

Prices are based on finding and restoring parts. Classical tuning parts are becoming rare and it gets harder to find quality pieces. So keep in mind that certain parts are sold more expensive than the original catalogue price.