Super Insane Cars

We have a collection of cars mostly crazy expensive, but a true petrol fueled delight. we are currently restoring some that will come up for sale. Our current inventory looks something like this.

If you are looking for a bodykit from a long forgotten tuning company like ABC Exclusive or Vestatec for example, just ask us. We probably know it and how to get it. Although some parts are just lost or damaged beyond repair. We are working with excellent craftsmen to reproduce those long forgotten parts. Because really nothing beats the looks of those petrol fueled insane designs. They deserve it to be preserved. We can deliver turbochargers based on Lotec and Alberts designs (on request). M103 3.2 engines based on AMG designs (on request). OEM 722504 gearboxes fully refurbished just to name a couple things. You might have noticed a 722504 OEM gearbox isn’t a long forgotten part. But it is a very sought after part that is normally only available in used condition. We usually have a stock of fully restored gearboxes ready to ship.

We can also restore or period correctly tune your car. We can also restomod your car in a way it still looks period correct

Why Choose Us


Our parts are either OEM, original classic tuning parts or high end period correct reproductions. By restoring parts we try to save this excellent part of automotive history.

Domestic & International

We believe or rather assume we can get a package or car anywhere in the world. We’ll always try to keep these cost down. So don’t hesitate to contact us about shipping. We’ll find a way.

Best Price

Prices are based on finding and restoring parts. Classical tuning parts are becoming rare and it gets harder to find quality pieces. So keep in mind that certain parts are sold more expensive than the original catalogue price.