So Much Information

You can’t know it all but you can know a lot. Our company mission is to keep an era of fantastic uncompromised tuning history alive. A current AMG or Brabus model is without a doubt a fantastic machine. They are amazing marvels of technical ingenuity. The sheer power those engines produce combined with the technique to keep it all glued to the road is truly impressive. Any man or woman should consider him or herself lucky to own a machine like that. And that’s exactly why we like our cars better.

Any person (with a large bank account) can go to a dealer and get a brand new extremely tuned monster. We search for cars that are unique, from an era where you couldn’t just walk into a dealership and get a highly tuned beast. Most people didn’t even know this scene existed in those days. You had to contact a tuner and get the work done. The internet didn’t exist back then so everything was still done on paper. 

The number of cars produced where usually small. These cars where truly exclusively and the chance your neighbor had one on it’s driveway was slim. We try to find and preserve the information on these cars. From fringe little tuning companies for either styling or engine tuning that no one even remembers these days to coach builders that created stunning new body styles that weren’t supposed to exist. We use this info to answer your questions, write articles and to reproduce those long forgotten parts. So you can have a unique beast in your driveway.


Why Choose Us


Our parts are either OEM, original classic tuning parts or high end period correct reproductions. By restoring parts we try to save this excellent part of automotive history.

Domestic & International

We believe or rather assume we can get a package or car anywhere in the world. We’ll always try to keep these cost down. So don’t hesitate to contact us about shipping. We’ll find a way.

Best Price

Prices are based on finding and restoring parts. Classical tuning parts are becoming rare and it gets harder to find quality pieces. So keep in mind that certain parts are sold more expensive than the original catalogue price.