W113 Pagoda Black Steering Wheel


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Genuine Mercedes-Benz Pagoda Black Steering Wheel

Part Number: 1134600103

Fits the: W113 W111 W108 W114 W115

This steering wheel was used in the W113 Pagoda. It was also used in other Mercedes-Benz models of the era. The same three-spoke design was used on the W111 and W108 models. The steering wheel was also used on some of the earlier models of the W114 and W115. However, the steering wheel used on these models had a different horn ring and center pad.

The three-spoke design with thin rim, is a departure from the more traditional thick-rimmed steering wheels of the time. The center of the steering wheel features the classic Mercedes-Benz logo and a horn ring that you press to activate the car’s horn.

This steering wheel is made from bakelite. Bakelite is a type of plastic that was popular in the 1960s. Bakelite was extremely durable and highly resistant to heat and chemicals. That might be the reason why this is such a well preserved example.

🤓The W113 was notable for its aluminum body, which reduced the car’s weight by around 80 kg compared to previous models. This body set a new standard for weight reduction in automotive design.

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