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Genuine Mercedes-Benz BECKER Classic BE 2010 Radio Cassette

A genuine, fully functioning Mercedes-Benz BECKER Classic BE 2010 Cassette Radio. This model was launched in 1994 by Becker

This unit is fully tested for functionality.

BECKER Classic BE 2010 Cassette Radio. This unit comes with the anti-theft code.

4 Channels
Bass control
Treble control
Wave band selection
Ultra-short wave (FM) – 87.5 MHz – 108 MHz with RDS
Medium wave (AM) – 510 kHz – 1620 kHz with RDS
Manual/Automatic search function
Numerical frequency input
Station recall – 4 FM stations and 4 AM stations

Illumination: Mercedes Bernstein Yellow

🤓Becker was the first Car Audio Manufacturer to Integrate Advanced Noise Reduction. They incorporated advanced noise reduction technologies, such as Dolby-B noise reduction, into their cassette players. This BE 2010 has this option. This feature reduced tape hiss and enhanced the audio quality during cassette playback, providing a more enjoyable listening experience.

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